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Career suggestions please

By satish.avadhuta ·
Hi All,
I'm working as a Software Consultant for the last 2 & 1/2 years for a premier software consultancy in India.I now completed one year of work for two different Clients/Organizations in USA ( working for my parent organization ).Through out this period I mostly worked on Power Builder applications.I have working knowledge on SQL , PL/SQL.
But am willing to make a shift to Java Technology at the earlist.Accordingly I learnt Java and am a Sun Certified Java Programmer now.This is where amlot of confused.I understand knowledge of Java alone would not suffice for a Career in Java Technilogies.I'm willing to know for medium to enterprise level applications development , in US , built around Java , knowledge of what other technologies is a must.Should I be learning EJB or XML or JDBC or Servlets or EAI or something else not mentioned here.To be more clear am willing to know what's the minimum of the above list I should be learning for a Career in Java Technology.Please suggest.
I really appreciate you for taking your time in going through whole of this mail.

Thanks & Regards,

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java ?'s

by davidlward In reply to Career suggestions please


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The wrong road for enterprise

by BGJKL In reply to Career suggestions please

If you want to get into Enterprise areas of IT, learn ORACLE Financials, I2, SAP or some other package. Most companies buy software, rather than develop it.
If you want to develop software, get into a company that sells software. If you want to do that, then XML and C++ go with Java....and Visual Basic is just as hot...

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True with exceptions

by epepke In reply to The wrong road for enterp ...

This is true, but with exceptions. Enterprises have intranet and internet sites. These need to be developed. And, as for Oracle Apps/Financials/Whatever, just getting it to do what it is supposed to do is several full-time jobs.

So, yeah, learn jdbc, but that takes about a day--it's easy. And learn Perl and HTML and XML and Javascript and all that other stuff.

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You MUST decide!

by donq In reply to Career suggestions please

How can we tell - You never stated what you want to do!

Network Engineer, Programmer, etc.

I suspect you are a software developer building business (database) applications?
If so I would suggest you learn ONE database product (like Access, Oracle, or SQL-Server) inside out. Whatever languae you program that database with - study it! Whatever language you build web pages for that database with - study it!

Base your (what should I study) decisions on the engine that drives your base application.

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