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career! what they really need from a emp

By ralleer ·
I'm doing my 3rd year engg in I.T. I'm very much interested to know the H.R's attitude while selecting the emp to his company.what they really need from an employee?& what attitude must we maintain during the interview?

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by Jaqui In reply to career! what they really ...

confidence, positive, open minded.
just for the first, after all, what an employer is looking for exactly depends on the employer.
but being confident in yuorself, a positive attitude, and open to the idea that even after several years of education you have more to learn have to be on the top for all employers.

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by DC Guy In reply to career! what they really ...

As an interviewer what I look for is honesty. I can't work with people who don't tell me the truth. It's not a moral issue. People like that tend to cover up problems assuming they'll be able to fix them before I ever find out. Then we're both in trouble when it doesn't happen, and they miss out on learning from my expert assistance. Being able to admit you made a mistake is a character trait I demand in my staff without exception. So be honest in your interview. Don't pause to think about how much you want to share with this person, or how to put the best "spin" on yourself. Behave as though he or she already IS your boss.

I am also a zealot when it comes to communication skills. The days of the IT geek hiding in a cubicle, never having to talk to the end users, is long behind us. My people must be able to talk and write like actual university graduates, which these days isn't much of a challenge. I don't mean to say that I don't expect a little nervousness in an interview, that I'm intolerant of foreign accents, or that I'm still trying to teach my fellow Americans that "lay" is a transitive verb. But a lot of people simply can't communicate intelligibly and it gets in the way of doing a good job.

I must say, I hope you can talk FAR better than you write, and that you can write FAR better than the above sample. Ignoring typos, your posting has four major grammatical errors.

You never know when you might be asking one of us for a job. If we get to know you from your postings on TR, what kind of an impression are you making? There's nothing wrong with writing everything as though your next employer is reading it. Even if he or she is not, it's good practice.

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