Carpar Tunnel Syndrom & Is It Due To The Work Enviroment?

By Technologyconsultant ·
Hello my fellow Computer Geniuses,

My question is to all of those who work as a pc tech, server tech, and cabling technician. The question here is; does anyone have carpal tunnel due to the constant lifting and constant use of hands for typing? I wanted to know if it is possible to get it from lifting, racking and stacking servers, and installing several thousands of laptops and desktops over the past 7+ years. If anyone can let me know if they had the same condition, and have you recovered from it, and were you able to return to work afterward? I am deeply concerned, and I do not wish to stop working in my field. I have a great amount of money, time, and immense passion invested for what I do for a living, and to know that my career may be over is killing me. If anyone can let me know if they had, or know of anyone who has/had this condition, and if they were able to continue work after surgery, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Typing, possibly; mousing, definitely; lifting, unlikely?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Carpar Tunnel Syndrom & I ...

I'd talk to a medical professional.

Mousing definitely will cause problems. Sometimes changing pointing devices will help, say from a mouse to a trackball or touchpad. I can tell you from experience, switching hands definitely helps but it can take some getting used to. Typing might cause CT, especially if your workstation is ergonomically unfriendly. I doubt lifting and racking servers would; the movements aren't repetitive enough unless that's literally all you're doing every day.

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Reponse To Answer


Thanks for your input. It helps. Just was curious if anyone else had the same issue.


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Carpal Tunnel

by dickstoy In reply to Carpar Tunnel Syndrom & I ...

CP is definitely due to repetetive movement. I have it and mousing is definitely harder to do as well as typing. I do have strength to lift or move things, but hands can be painful.

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Lots of Causes

Any kind of vibrating or repeated stress on the wrists can cause this. Anti-inflamatories can help if you can stomach them. Naproxin or Celebrex. There are also some surgical procedures to open up the tunnel in order for the tendons to move more freely. Bad thing is it takes lots of rest and treatment to recover from CT, and pt to build up the muscles enough to keep it from coming back.

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Reponse To Answer

by Technologyconsultant In reply to Lots of Causes


Thank you all so much for sharing your experience with CP. I see that I am not the only one suffering from this. I am due to see the doctor for this condition, and to see if I need surgery. Hopefully not, but if so, I guess I just need to do something else in the mean time. Thanks again you all.... It is great to have a site like this where all of us IT Professionals can share our life stories and work experiences.


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Work to Avoid the Problem

by TheChas In reply to Carpar Tunnel Syndrom & I ...

The most important thing you can do is implement and follow ergonomic principles in your work.

Start by setting up your work-station so your hands and arms are in a neutral position for any task.

If you drive a lot of screws, consider getting one of the many electric screwdrivers that are available.

Work with a physical therapist and setup an exercise routine that both strengthens your wrists and increases your flexibility.

Don't forget to take even a 2 minute break from the task and stretch your arms and wrists.


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