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Carrer Question...

By k.davis011 ·
I am sure there are a hundred and one of these kinds of questions, but I am hoping that you would not mind indulging another one. I am a 40 year old female that has worked in the IT field for about 2 years now as a tech. I don't have a tech degree and I am considering going and getting one. However, when I research around what I find is a lot of people who are my age having tough time finding decent jobs, even looking to get out of the field altogether. I have people that are telling me to get an MIS degree that way my age could become an asset for management positions. I wonder if an MIS degree is simply the "hot degree of the moment" and that a CS would ultimately take me further. I also wonder if I should forget it, seeing all that do see about those leaving the field and the state of the IT field in general.

My question is this...would it be worth it to get the degree given the current state of the IT industry? Does age and gender play as much of a role as I am reading? If I decide to go ahead with the degree, how does one "hedge their bets", per se, and make sure they are marketable?

Thanks in advance for any advice, help that you offer.

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Whats is the current state of the IT industry?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Carrer Question...

You tell me, you seem to know.

What are you basing this question on?


How is this different than the state of any other industry?

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My advice to you is...

by jck In reply to Carrer Question...

Depending on your mentality, personality, etc., it will depend.

Honestly, I would say in general go for MIS/CIS-related stuff. A CS degree generally becomes very intricate with either hardware or software design.

An IS degree tends to be a little more broad and business oriented, rather than technically in-depth.

So if you want to go management, I'd say get an IS-type degree.

Good luck

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