Carriage jam message

By Phyllis Stringer ·
I can easily move the carriage but still get the message. How do i fix this?

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go to printers home site

by databaseben In reply to Carriage jam message

try going to the printers home site then look up the model number then look up that error message for the resolution.

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At a high level

by robo_dev In reply to Carriage jam message

Printers rely on sensors to let them know when things are moving.

So, for example, a printer head may be attached to a belt, and the belt may be attached to a pulley which has a rotary sensor that stops sending output when the pulley stops turning (in the case of a printer head jam). Some sensors use proximity switches, and others use optics (like a photocell and a LED).

The first rule of fixing a printer is to look at it closely and see if anything like a label or bits of paper are in the mechanism, or specifically jammed into the sensor.

As a general tip, it would be helpful to know the make/model the printer.

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