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Cascading 2 routers

By greyes1974 ·
I have pretty simple question that I hope requires a simple answer.

I am trying to cascade 2 routers. The first main router is a D-link Broadband router with 4-ports with no uplink port. The second router has 4-ports with an uplink port. I have tried to connect the main router to the 2nd router via the uplink port and noted a signal coming in, but no access to the internet (standard error message). I have additionally utilized all ports on the 2nd router with no luck (even not using the port adjacent to the uplink line).

Any suggestions? Additionally, does the main router have to have an "uplink" port as well, utilizing the "uplink" port to connect to the 2nd routers uplink port?

your help will be much appreciated...thanks in advance.

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by CG IT In reply to Cascading 2 routers

Randy Braviroff Heres your answer

Assign a Class A IP address [example] to the first router subnet mask Assign a Class B IP address to the second router subnet mask plug the second one into one of the RJ45 ports. Now any host behind the second is a Class B IP address with a default gateway Anything behind the first router beside the second router is a Class A IP address with a default gateway

Cascading routers is a waste of a router IMO but there ya go.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cascading 2 routers

i think you are confusting routers and switches. you cascade switches. you ususally use routers, to, well, route. and to get yours the way you want you need to be master at routing or figure out how to get the first router to quit routing, which is why folks are calling it a waste...
only one device has to have the uplink port, the 'downstream' one and if you have a link light you probably have it cabled ok. post the exact model numbers of the routers and
we can help you more. and why *are* you wanting this? more security? more ethernet ports? do you really want to cascade switches but this is all you have?
anyhow, see if there is DMZ port (and configuration mode) in first router then theoretically you can connect second router to that and all info from first router pours thru un-impeded see? not on uplink port, either. on regular port.
if you are gonna use these both as routers, forget the uplink thing. that only applies to switches and hubs...
or, maybe you have this all hooked up right but your computer is confusted about it's ip address. have you tried winipcfg release renew? ususally when everything looks configure right you need to get dhcp straightedn out on client. that is ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew at command prompt on win2k. if you get error doing that it is your first clue

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by wlbowers In reply to Cascading 2 routers

Give us the model numbers of what your calling routers, with a brief discription of your hookup and what your are trying to do.

You'll get more answers.


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