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Case and motherboard as part of a heatsink

By cheneyrl ·
Instead of just trying to manage the heat at the CPU, is there anyway that the processor could incorporate the motherboard and the metal case as part of the heat sink?

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It would not be worth it

by w2ktechman In reply to Case and motherboard as p ...

First, transferring more heat to the MB is not a good idea.
Second, the heat transfer to move to the case would be much to slow to dissipate the heat from the processor.

If you are so worried about heat, pick up a water cooling unit and install it. Nice project. P.S. get a fish tank for more cool water.

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Heat zones.....

by JamesRL In reply to Case and motherboard as p ...

The power supply generates heat. The CPU generates heat. The motherboard generates heat. The cards generate heat. HDs generate heat. And so on.

Many expensive systems look at heat sources and divide the case into zones. You can "fix" one heat problem in a zone, but its not a good idea to simply transfer to another.

Personally I have more heat problems at the VPU (on the video card) than the CPU. My card had a huge fan and heatsink and it still suffers from thermal locks.

So your choices really are liquid cooled or air cooled. And if you have problems with air cooling now, you may need to look at better cases with room for more fans, and better powersupplies that give off less heat.


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Major Design Issues

by TheChas In reply to Case and motherboard as p ...

Yes, it could be done. But it would be a ground up design issue rather than a user modification.

Generally speaking, it is more efficient to use fans and localized cooling than it is to transfer heat across multiple surfaces.

You typically see designs that use the case as a heat sink on industrial equipment that needs to be in a sealed cabinet.

Using the case as a heat sink increases the labor to both build a system, and to maintain it.

Besides, you still need to have air flow over the case to pull the heat away.

Another issue is that every item and component that touches the case gets hot.


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