Cast Phone to TV Suddenly Stops Working

By Bud ·
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I regularly cast from my phone to my TV - typically YouTube videos and movies, etc., from Disney+.

Last Friday night I went to do the same...and all of a sudden it won't work. When I try from YouTube it thinks about it for a while and then says it can't find anywhere to cast to. When I try it from Disney+, it never gives me the option to cast (which, I believe, is what it does when it can't find anywhere to cast to).

I've made no changes to my TV setup or my phone between the last time it worked and now.

What can I do to find out what the problem is and fix it?
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Yet phones, apps, YouTube, Disney change all the time.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Cast Phone to TV Suddenly ...

This means you can change nothing and one day it doesn't work.

What to try:
1. Set it up again. Remember that no one can guess what TV and more you have so you are most of the time are pretty much on your own using web sites that might or might not tell you how to set this up.

2. Cast Phone to TV is notoriously unreliable. Nod to how many posts there is about this. Fix? My fix is the Roku stick. Why? Because a service call here starts at $150 USD. The stick is your cheapest fix.

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Slow Internet can be a problem

by Old Molases In reply to Cast Phone to TV Suddenly ...

At times when casting slow internet can hamper your casting. Check for you internet while casting or trying to cast.

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by eligiofonseca432 In reply to Cast Phone to TV Suddenly ...

Put your phone on Airplane mode, reboot it.
Reboot your TV.

Should fix the issue.

If not, all your devices you need to cast to need to be on the same WIFI network. Maybe one of the devices needs updated IP config or Wifi pw

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