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Casual fridays

By Zen37 ·
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Hello everyone

We just had our Jeans priviledge (on fridays only) revoked for political reasons. I was wondering if there were a lot of you out there that enjoy that priviledge at your company.

Are you allowed to wear jeans on fridays? If no, what reason have they given for the rule. Here they told us it was to have a more professional image, but everyone else from all other departments (other than IT) are still allowed to wear jeans on fridays.

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That seems wrong

by w2ktechman In reply to Casual fridays

that your department was singled out for this.

I have worked in IT for many years, for several companies. I have always enjoyed casual Fridays, and many IT departments have a casual everyday.

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There are many reasons for this to happen

by jdclyde In reply to That seems wrong

A new boss?

A boss that is looking to make himself look better so he can advance?

Someone pissed the boss off?

Boss is on a power trip?

Some people wearing stupid things, like tee shirts or jeans with holes in them.

It is never arbitrary, and fair does not come into play.

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Everyday is Casual Friday

by Hamish_NZ In reply to That seems wrong

Hmm, I'm glad I work in a friendly and casual environment. Jeans are the norm rather than for 'casual days'. Although we do have casual fridays, but it's hard to tell - more people wear T-shirts.. that's about it!

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We have the option

by jdclyde In reply to Casual fridays

but only if you will not be meeting with anyone outside the company on that day.

A clean appearance is still required, so tee-shirts are still a no-no.

I just go with dockers myself. They are much more comfortable than jeans, and I spend enough years as a shop rat wearing jeans to consider it a special treat now that I am office personel. Almost like a step back instead of forward.

But for people that get something out of it, to each their own.

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That's the way it is here

by Mickster269 In reply to We have the option

And ironically, some of the employees adtually "dress-up" now and then - almost like a "Formal Friday" !

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Once upon a time

by Tig2 In reply to Casual fridays

I used to work for a company that did not allow ladies to wear trouser suits. It was skirts only and preferably dark suits. I still own a half a dozen black, grey, and navy suits.

My partner works for a company that has casual day every day of the week. While he owns nice work clothing, he dresses for work the same way he dresses to sit in a deer stand.

IT has long been the corporate whipping boy. For some reason, they think that because we understand computers, we are somehow less professional. But I understand why.

For many years, business and technology have had a hard time understanding one another. We see the difficulty of that lack of communication acted out by business trying to get IT to conform to their perceptions. We forget how visible we are- perhaps not to our clients but to other business segments.

Back when I was a hardware tech, I got jeans day reinstated by crawling under desks wearing a dress. Never immodest, but I got the point across.

This too shall pass. Someone will figure out that the issue isn't solved by setting IT apart but by bridging the gulf they perceive.

We're all in this together...

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Not Any Day

by ganyssa In reply to Once upon a time

The company I work for is very conservative, all departments except for maintenance and groundskeepers are required to wear business professional attire every day.

I once witnessed an employee asking why we couldn't have Casual Friday, and they were quoted vague studies that had proved casually-dressed employees were less productive.

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Casual Fridays

by reynard In reply to Casual fridays

I would like to know what political grounds there are for a decision like that. We have casual Fridays only on the last Friday of every month, 31 December and first Friday in Spring, and I think we can do with them on a weekly basis

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Here's one idea

by Zeppo9191 In reply to Casual Fridays

I don't know how well your company supports charities, but try suggesting that everybody 'pay' a donation to the company's favorite charity for the right to wear jeans on Fridays.

We do that where I work, and it's a hit. Every Friday morning until about 9:00, there are 'volunteers' (company employees, on company time) at the entrances to our office who collect $2 from everyone wearing jeans in exchange for a sticker to prove the wearer has made his donation. The money goes to a local charity. It's a win-win-win - the company looks good for donating to charity, the charity gets much-needed extra cash, and we get to wear jeans!

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Jeans Outlawed

by pixelm In reply to Casual fridays

A previous company I worked with banned Jeans entirely. This was quite a bummer as many of us enjoyed a casual but professional atire.

Problem was, there was always a small group of guys that would take it too far. Logo T-shirts, jeans with holes... (sometimes dirty) and seldom were shaved. Over time the CEO grew tired sending out memo's of what was and was not OK. Finally he simply handed out a New dress code. It applied for everyone... It was not political but it sure was a bummer. Too many took the casual workplace too far.. and it created a backlash that ended it for everyone.

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