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    Cat 5 wiring troubleshooting


    by sng_business ·

    Objective is to drop cat 5 to 6 rooms. Each room has three wall mounts for drops but only one homerun twist-pair is pulled to each room.
    How can one best separate and run additional cat 5 to the additonal 2 mounts in each room without re-wiring a homerun wire to each mount respectively?

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      Reply To: Cat 5 wiring troubleshooting

      by ross.bale ·

      In reply to Cat 5 wiring troubleshooting

      CAT5 cable only uses 4 of the 8 pairs of the inner cables, and you can therefore get devices that allow you to run two devices off of 1 port -you would need one of these at each end – Homerun and wall outlet. Beyond this, you could install a cheap 4 port switch or wireless router onto the one port to run 3 devices off one cable. Apart from the two options, your only other choice is to run cable.

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