Cat 5e home network wiring issue

By jzimm ·

Home is wired with CAT5e.
Installing a wired home network

First computer works fine through the router.
Can't get internet on the second computer in a different room on a different cable. Says a network cable is unplugged.

Test the cable and get continuity on all 8 wires. If I take the laptop to the basement where the router is and connect it with a patch cable to the router, it gets internet.

If I connect the cable I am haveing trouble with directly to the DSL modem (no router)and the computer, it works fine(I get internet).

So it seems this wire will work when connected directly to the modem, but run it through the router and it won't work, but the router will work with multiple computers when using a patch cable.

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link light?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Cat 5e home network wirin ...

we need a little more detail on exactly how the house is wired. you are saying you dropped cables into the walls and terminated them at a wall jack in each room?
i can't really tell from your post but maybe you have what you think is a normal patch cable but in fact have one wired as a 'crossover' cable. i think you may have received one with your modem. if this is the case, you can switch it with a patch cable that you know works (don't try it at the modem, try it at a pc).
i always look for a 'link' light to tell me if the cable is good. 'disconnected cable' error message can be misleading, a 'virtual network adapter' can be configured in windows xp and will always show cable disconnected. post your os version?

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by jzimm In reply to link light?

the house was wired by an electrician. He ran the cable and terminated all the ends.

I have checked the cable and it is wired straigh through.

The link light comes on when it is hooked directly from the modem to the laptop. It does not when wired through the router.

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double check it isn't a cross-over cable

by jdclyde In reply to Cat 5e home network wirin ...

double check both ends to make sure it is the same at each end.

did you try a different port in your router?

when you connect the laptop in the basement, is that with the same cable your having issues with for the pc?

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Straight through cable

by jzimm In reply to double check it isn't a c ...

cable checks outwith tester and does work when wired to the modem without the router.

I have tried all ports and they all work when hooked up in the basement with a patch cable, but not when using the cable in the wall.

The cable in the wall works fine when directly connected to the modem, but not when run through the router, but the router will work when hooked up with a different cable. That's the part I don't understand.

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similar issue

by svs77 In reply to Cat 5e home network wirin ...


I'm having a similar problem and wondered if there was any resolution to this issue?

I have a DSL Modem. It is connected via parallel ethernet cable to a 4port wireless router. The wireless router (router1) is connected via another parallel ethernet cable to another wireless router (router2). Cables are no longer than 10 metres and all works fine.

However, I needed a little more distance between the wireless routers and introduced a 25metre cable between the 2 routers. Cable is Cat5e UTP, parallel connection. All the lights on both routers are on telling me it's connected, but when I ping router1 through router2's wireless connection the host is unreachable and vice versa.

All I have changed is the length of the cable. I do not understand that it won't work with 25 metres, especially when the router specifies I can use up to 100metres.

One more thing. If I connect the 25 metre cable directly from my laptop to the DSL modem it works.

thanks in advance


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