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CAT5E Cable limitations

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i have a huge factory and there are many warehouses in the factory. i am seting up a netwrk based on cat5e cable and i wanted to knw that as to my knowledge the maximum limit on the cat5e cable is 100m and above 100m the signal will not reach. Is there a way to connect just on computer which is about 180m from the switch? Kindly let me know how to go about this as i do not want to incure a huge cost by instaling fibre optic cable. just for on computer.

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by TechieRob In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

Does you main switch have a router attached to it? The only way I am aware of how to get more milage on cat 5 neworking is via router-router communication. We have a satelite site thats roughly 1500 meters away, they have their own private switch that plugs into a router, that router uses a modem to dial in to a router which we have here. By setting our router's ip address as the computer's gateway (from the satelite site end), internet access is granted to our satelite site as well as our primary site :)
I dont know what your situation is that requires a mini WAN, what do you need this solitary computer to do? If it just needs internet access, you can try just installing a phone line for it. Much cheaper than fiber optic lol.
IMO from the satelite site I can sign on to our internal network on our primary site, but due to the distance it is verrrrrrrry slow. I know the further the distance, the slower the connection. If you need this sole computer to be able to access your internal network, I dont know what else to suggest to you other than to get a few routers and try set up a mini satelite site for your situation.

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by D_V Ant In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

Buy a repeater. They are available from many parts stores. Try or your favorite supplier.

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by OTL In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

Could also go with a (cheap) 5-port switch about 75-100 meters out. Would act as a repeater.

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by pgm554 In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

Go wireless.
As for the distance limitation ,going over the spec in a wired network only slows down the network on that workstation.So instead of 100mb ,you might get 15 or 20mb.It will still work,just not as fast.

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by djrampant In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

I agree with the answers about buying a cheap switch.

However as ther is only one pc that needs connecting you will probably be able to buy a 4 port hub cheaper.

This will work perfectly well.

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by compubeast In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

I'd go with a 20 buck switch

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by wlbowers In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

I did a search on Google for ethernet extenders and got over 83,000 hits.

There are a lot of possible options for you. Blackbox as one said is a good source for hardware solutions.

You should have no problem finding a solution to your problem that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Good Luck Lee

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by admin In reply to CAT5E Cable limitations

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