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    Cat6 pin out and issues

    by fastroads ·


    I have replaced Cat5e and pulled Cat6 cable throughout my house.

    I installed a few extra wall ports so we could hard wire game consoles etc. The issue seems to be that when checking the ports and corresponding patch panel port I’m getting a failure for pairs 1 and 2.

    I’m using all new Cat6 patch cables and have re-punched the ports and patch panel several times. I’m using a Klein Scout Pro 2 to test and every port shows:

    12345678 with the 1 and 2 blinking.
    345678 I could understand one port, but multiples are a head scratcher.

    Btw: if this is not the right question for this forum please simply respond and I will delete and move on. I’m not an IT specialist, just a normal guy.
    Thank you

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      So have you tried a cheap cable tester?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Cat6 pin out and issues

      That will tell you if there is a problem with the internal Cable Runs or if some of the wires have been cross connected.

      They are something you should use on every cable run and are a cheap bit of test gear that can be got for under $10.00 and lets you know if each run is properly connected before you go any further.

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        Cable tester

        by fastroads ·

        In reply to So have you tried a cheap cable tester?

        Do you have suggestions for a cable tester?

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          No specific brands

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Cable tester

          I just grabbed a couple off E Bay and replace them as they are needed.

          Though I have found the small ones are very short term and not overly reliable.

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          On the Cheap

          by fastroads ·

          In reply to No specific brands

          I have one Not sure the name that is square and has a second piece that slides off to connect at another location. And I have the Klein Scout Pro2.

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          Yes that is what I’m talking about

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to On the Cheap

          So have you used it to check that the individual cables are working and not cross connected?

          That is the most common thing I have run across with new cable runs a cable is not connected or it is cross connected so that pair goes out.

          A while ago I got a bad batch of Connectors sockets or whatever you want to call them and the Insulation Displacement connector was not properly made so on one cable or more it was not cutting through the insulation and making the connection.

          As for the Cable Tester test two short patch leads and then plug one into each end and make sure that all cable pairs are connected and connected properly.

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