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Catch Business Name?

By Ben89 ·
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I'm thinking of starting my own computer repair company. To start out with all the basic computer needs. Fixing, installs, recovery etc. But i need a catchy name for it.

I'm going towards names that are one word long but have computer terminology behind them so that people remember then easier than "dans computer repairs" so its something like "bytes". It doesnt have to neccesarily be computer terminology but would be more helpful. It can be anything computer related or around technology.

Any ideas would be nice!

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How about

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Catch Business Name?

Wannabebusinessowner bytes off morethan he canchew?
If you lack creativity enough to come up with a business name, what the **** will you do when it comes to writing a website that sells your service (not advertises your service but sells it). What will you do when it comes to marketing? Post on TR asking for help with graphic design, colour choices, company logo, copy writing?

Find a partner that knows how to build and run a business, an IT support skill set will not get you there on it's own. Millions have tried, thousands succeeded.

Of course you can do it and succeed but I think you are going to need some real help from someone who knows how to market a business.

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How about..

by Ben89 In reply to How about

Well i must of forgot to ask all that information when asking for some catchy terminology help on a website about technical subjects.. i'm sorry this confused you, i will explain.

As for writing a website i can design and code my own websites along with my brother who owns his own very successful graphic design/web development company. So two of your answers have already been answered there as that part of my marketing is covered.

Next is more marketing, ideas of starting off small and approaching people are meetings, groups going to houses and business offering business cards and detailing what type of services i can offer, the smallest and unthought of ideas have come to mind dont worry i've spoke to and thought with various owners about their marketing schemes. Got that bit covered too.

So to sum up your reply i've got everything mapped, thought and planned out to precise detail. The only bit im struggling on is a name that can become catch and i've seen posts from other people (guessing you haven't stumbled across their posts) of people asking for catchy names..

To be frank, the solutions they got werent great such as CompWiz or IT-Man didnt offer much reassurance that this website would offer a solution but as with my marketing ideas any small oppurtunity can always help.

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No apologies needed, sarcastic or otherwise

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to How about..

You completely missed my point as you took up defense, and yes I've seen many such posts before, which is exactly why I offered the comments I did.

Whether your brother is a very successful web designer or not, that doesn't mean anything with regards to website MARKETING as opposed to website design and creation. It would be VERY odd to see those skills combined with just one person, very odd as they require completely different mental traits.

That's why most web designers fail at SEO, besides the more common muck that everyone puts out as an attempt at SEO.

But if you are so well connected and set for your bright future, again all the power to you and there's money to be made, but you will be able to rally one of your close personal contacts in the appropriate field to help I'm sure.

I write copy and create ad campaigns, logos, tag lines, promotional materials, global marketing etc.
I'd be happy to help, for the right price, but your post clearly explains how you have enough connections to do so without help, especially from a source where you note being disappointed with the replies others have received.

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Catchy is in the eye of the beholder

by NickNielsen In reply to Catch Business Name?

What's catchy to the IT crowd may well go right over the head of the average computer user. The simple ones, like CompWiz, PC Fixer, or even Dan's Computer Repair, are the ones that will be remembered.

Personally, I can't understand why an otherwise rational IT tech would want to start a business, but tat may just be me.

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by Ben89 In reply to Catch Business Name?

Yeah i suppose, but one lines are easier to remember as such with my brothers web design company is called shape. Its easy to remember as is relevant to the business.

I understand terminolgy for IT techs can go way beyond the understanding of average users. I suppose i should rethink about a name..

The reason for starting a business is to work for myself really, may not be the best decision in the eyes of the economy. But working for myself is something i have wanted to do.

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Keeping it local

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Hmmm

One man business, you want to help people around your area, which relies on good old home town appearance and name. Word of mouth will be your biggest marketing avenue. A Globally focused website will be buried and will not draw local attraction either.

The more, JOE NEXT DOOR you look, the more successful you will be.

2 years ago I took a friend's PC Repair business and completely rebranded it from the top down. He had a good name, a website that made him look big and important and professional advertising. It failed miserably.

We stripped it down, to 'last name's, PC solutions' hired local seniors and housewives who wanted some extra money to deliver his handouts door to door. Not kids, they dump too many. We then simplified his website, got all the technical crap out of it, all the pictures of processors and IT speak. Simple terms for simpler customers.

He just opened a second location two months ago in Vancouver, same theme, same idea and it has taken off way better than when he spent thousands on marketing, SEO, etc.

He looked TOO good for local business and not good enough compared to the real big guns.

So there's a real reply if that's what you prefer. Keep It Simple Stupid - K.I.S.S. works in marketing as well as sales.

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