Causes for Excel 2007 Files to become Corrupted?

By JT187 ·
Hi Everyone,

I have seen very little documentation on this so maybe some Excel Gurus may be able to shed some light. I have one user who seems to consistently corrupt her excel workbooks saved on the mapped network drive. I have told her to do a couple of things to try to fix it:

- told her never to leave it open overnight incase the backups caused it
- removed all of the links to external spreadsheets
- confirm there were no macros within the spreadsheet

All of these things have been done and I even created a new excel file and copied all of the tabs across to a new spreadsheet. Even after that, once again the file says that it has become corrupted when she goes to open it and it tries to recover the corrupted data. The logs that it spits out doesn't really mean much to me so I am not too sure what other things could be causing this.

The file is moderately large, and pretty important since it is her financial workbook. Every month she adds to it, and when I suggested that we should maybe look into recreating it, I was told that was too much work (40 hrs) and that she would quit instead... and I'm not really looking to get into a fight with our senior accountant.

So does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this to happen? Or things I should try to do? I read one post where it mentioned it might be a good idea to recreate the /app data/ folder for excel or office by just renaming the current one and letting try to recreate it, is there anything else anyone can think of that could be causing files to get corrupted?



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Well just the obvious things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Causes for Excel 2007 Fil ...

This particular file isn't being open by more than one person at a time or this person isn't trying to open it several times in the same session is she?

That will cause corruption.


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Ensure same version of Excel is used

by kmdennis In reply to Causes for Excel 2007 Fil ...

Try getting her a new or different computer with similar version of Excel installed. (eg. if Pro, install pro). Next try saving the file with a password. Next save to two separate locations or three if necessary; such as one local, one to another file server. Verify that the antivirus scanner is not causing the corruption. And turn on auditing of the folder and file.

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Try copying only the data into a different sheet

by nagapavan In reply to Causes for Excel 2007 Fil ...

You could try copying only the data into another sheet and this could help you if you have a problem of the file size increasing after every instance of saving the workbook. I have experienced this whn my file size went up to 40 MB. I copied the data and pasted in a new file and the size of the new file was 32 KB.

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Always work the sheet locally and back it up to the network share

by MasterTech In reply to Causes for Excel 2007 Fil ...

I would suggest that she copy the Excel workbook to her local drive and perform all modifications there. At the end of each work day, she should copy it to the mapped drive so it can be backed up. Working with large data sources natively across the network can result in regular corruption issues.

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by jschuett In reply to Causes for Excel 2007 Fil ...

Thanks for all of the feedback I have been trying to do everything suggested here, of course since it is an intermittant issue I will have to sit back and wait to see if it happens again.

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