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Cayman 3220-H Gateway locks up network

By beck17 ·
On a 4 pc peer-to-peer Win98 network, Bellsouth DSL was just installed with a Cayman Gateway supplied by Bellsouth. When the pc's are hooked up to the Gateway, it constantly locks up the pc's on the network. When the pc's on hooked up to a hub, noproblems. Bellsouth claims this is not a router problem, and Cayman is impossible to reach. Is this a configuration problem or a hardware problem? Thanks for any input you may have.

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Cayman 3220-H Gateway locks up network

by True_Texan In reply to Cayman 3220-H Gateway loc ...

I don't have any information specific to the Cayman device, but it sounds like the Cayman and the PC's are most certainly having a communication problem.

If you are using 10/100 NIC cards, shut the PCs down, plug them into the Cayman, and restartall of the PCs. If the NIC cards are set to autosense, they should sync up with the Cayman.

You can also try the reverse. Power down the Cayman. Plug the PCs into the Cayman. Then power up the Cayman. If it's set to autosense, it should syncup with the PCs.

In any case, I'd try get Bellsouth to provide you the specific configuration of the device so that you can check all of the settings.

My guess here is that the Cayman is probably configured differently than the PCs (ie. 100Mb full duplex for the Cayman with Auto half duplex on the PC NICs). When plugged into the Cayman they simply can't communicate; however, using a hub (which usually autosense for everything) syncs up to the PCs and the Cayman and performs the necessarytranslation.

Hope this helps.

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Cayman 3220-H Gateway locks up network

by beck17 In reply to Cayman 3220-H Gateway loc ...

I tried shutting down the pc's & plugging into the Cayman, then restarted them. Still the same problem with the pc's locking up (no response from keyboard/mouse). I tried the reverse as well.

I even tried disconnecting DSL from the Cayman andconnecting the pc's directly to the Cayman - same problem.

I also tried connecting pc's directly -to original hub, then uplinking the original hub to the router - same problem.

I'm beginning to think it's a hardware issue. I did receive a response from Cayman to run some testing and hope to hear back from them soon. Most of the research I've done indicates that the Caymans are reliable, so it is puzzling. I do appreciate your suggestions...

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Cayman 3220-H Gateway locks up network

by beck17 In reply to Cayman 3220-H Gateway loc ...

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