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By Caseyiii ·
I'm a CCNA considering testing for my CCDA. However, I have seen a few articles that imply the Design cert is a marking/sales cert with no real Technical value. Anyone have any insight? The design aspect seems very appealing, but I really don't wantto waste my time and money.

Thanks for any input you offer

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by oosik In reply to CCDA?

If you have your CCNA and know how to use Visio, I dont think you need a CCDA. It is a cert for sales people so they can design a schematic of a network, you already know how to do that. Spend your money and time on your CCNP. Just my opion

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I have both, but...

by eBob In reply to CCNA

As per the other reply, if you have CCNA, just carry on with your CCNP.

Unless you are really planning on getting into pre-sales at your friendly Gold Cisco vendor. I have my CCDA becaus my "plan" had been to go not for CCNP but CCDP, which are equivalent certs., with the emphasis on design and planning...

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by Caseyiii In reply to CCDA?

Well, that would have an eventual goal of mine as well(CCDP). So basically what you are saying is that the CCDA is really a sales cert., but it's next step, the CCDP is a valid technical goal?

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by eBob In reply to CCDP

They're both "valid". CCDA is a lot like CCNA, really. The difference is that CCNA spends more energy looking at the "innards" like the basic IOS features, some of the straightforward routing protocols, etc. CCDA looks more at the methodologies of planning a basic network. I think they're both a nice complement to each other.

Of course they are both "the gospel according to Cisco", but I suppose it could be worse. <VBG>

In any case, if your next goal is CCDP, then CCDA is required.

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Don't Believe everything you read

by davidpmartin In reply to CCDA?

I have both my CCNP and CCDP, and I found the CCDA test to be one of the more challenging certs - it is definately NOT a marketing/sales cert, IMNSHO. After studying both the DCN and CID materials, and getting both the CCDA and CCDP, I thought the CCDP was almost wimpish compared to the CCDA.

Without revealing what's on the tests (you know - Cisco confidentiality agreement and all that;-) the BIG difference was case study, case study, case study.... If you plan to do real world designing, working thru case studies in prep for the CCDA is a good practice at what you have to do in real life - if you want to get into network design.

What I have found out is that the network world is made up of two distinct type of people - network support engineers and network designers. The support engineers only want to get the CCNP, and the design folks want to get the CCDP - and while a lot of network designers will do support work, the would rather do design. The same way with support engineers, they want to do hands on work only -- this is my personal observation - I'd be intersted to read others comments about these observations. True? Not true? and why or why not?

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