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CCENT or CCNA, which helps for first network job.

By Donmecca ·
I have currently been in IT for five years. I am currently an IT Consultant performing help desk duties for area businesses. I would like to have a network position by the first of the year. Which certification will help me for my first position and I won't feel like I have a huge learning curve? I would like to become a network administrator or network engineer, eventually a Wan engineer.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to CCENT or CCNA, which help ...

Kinda depends: You need to earn the CCENT before the CCNA if you take two tests...

There are two paths to CCNA:
One is to take two tests for CCNA:
640-822 ICND1
640-816 ICND2
Once you pass 640-822 ICND1 you are a CCENT


Take one test : 640-802 CCNA
Which covers both 640-822 and 640-816 and you are a CCNA

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CCENT - How to get there?

by WhyDoMath In reply to Well...

I have already decided that I want to go for the CCENT (640-822) first. Based on other's posts I have read, it seems pretty doable as a self-study project. One guy bought a used Cisco router and a couple of Cisco switches on eBay to practice at home, pretty clever plan I thought. I have inquired about ICDN1 courses from a few training companies, which usually gets a proposal for a week-long course in Vegas for $$$$ or something similar to that.

I feel that I have pretty good entry-level networking knowledge, have a good understanding of subnetting, NAT vs. classical routing, using ports to pass through routers to specific machines or applications, etc.

Bottom line - how important is it to actually sit through an ICDN1 course?

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If you have the study materials...

by cmiller5400 In reply to CCENT - How to get there?

You will do fine. Remember to study the types of WAN protocols and physical connectors, the OSI model, RIP, RIPv2, and packets just to name a few things.

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IT Consultant?

by kevaburg In reply to CCENT or CCNA, which help ...

What sort of consultation do you actually perform? The fact is that if you have no network experience then in end effect you are not a consultant because almost everything that IT relies on relies on a network infrastructure to support it. You are a helpdesk technician and that is how you should describe yourself when people ask.

As to the question: The CCNA is obviously the best option for people that want a good, relatively in-depth qualification covering a broad spectrum of network-related topics including LAN, WAN and wireless technologies. But you will find it is totally different from that which you are doing now and isn't easy to pick up quickly.

To that end, do both ICND1 and ICND 2 in two seperate exams. One follows on naturally from the other. You will need routers and switches to pracice on (freely available from EBay for example) and more literature than the one book per exam might suggest.

My advice? Have a look around the Cisco website for literature relating to networking and make sure it really is for you before you decide to commit.

If you decide to do it, then I wish you the very best of luck!

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IT Consultant

by Donmecca In reply to IT Consultant?

Actually, I am considered to be a IT Consultant now for help desk positions. I don't really consider myself an IT Consultant but that's what I am referred to. I changed my title for TR from IT consultant to help desk/pc support because this is my expertise. I really do want to go into Networking because this is the next progressive role for me. Help desk has become way too easy... I really appreciate your advise and I am currently trying to use packet tracer for router and switching work.

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by Kerah In reply to CCENT or CCNA, which help ...

you first should pass ccna. It is the first level in networking ,then you must choose your way if you like to complete in cisco products or to turn your way to micro soft its up to you
.if you like working with hard ware more than soft ware so keep your way on cisco products, and if you like dealing with just asoft ware so go to microsoft

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by yogesh.p.aher In reply to CCENT or CCNA, which help ...

hi i m fresher for this field an have doing job since last three months so i go to have read about u .

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