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    by sumit_acharya ·

    hi evrybody
    is there any importance in doing CCNA course.
    i have a chance to do it in mine instt. it is half priced of original one in our instt.
    so will it make any value addition .
    plz comments and tell

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      by smuller ·

      In reply to CCNA

      Hi There

      Before going any further simply ask yourself the question:
      “How far do you intend going with Cisco Certification?”
      If the answer to this question is “Yes” then I would definitely do the course and the exam especially if it is half price.
      If the answer is “No” then I would suggest maybe doing a Cisco course but skipping the exam.

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        Cisco Certification

        by realm master ·

        In reply to CCNA

        I would say yes go for it! Around here if you don’t have some type of certification, CCNA, Microsoft or other then you will not get the job.

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      by sumit_acharya ·

      In reply to CCNA

      yeh i am going to pursue that course .
      thankiung you

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