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By Seldom Seen ·
I am persuing my Cisco certifications (CCNA & CCNP). I'm curious to know is this a good move for someone that does not want to spend their life in the server room. I plan to go into network security afterwards (CISSP), but I'm hearing that Cisco guys are the anti-socail bunch who just cant to do CLI all day. I'm looing for an IT career that I can interact with other parts of the business. I like explaining tech stuff but I don't want my whole day looking at lines of configurations.

Also is contracting the best way to go with these certs or full time positions?

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by CG IT In reply to CCNA/ CCNP

ok you don't want to spend all day managing routers and switches, why get the CCNA/CCNP in the first place [besides prerequisite certifications for higher level Cisco Certs].

If you don't like doing but like explaining be an instructor.

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by CG IT In reply to

those that can do, those that can't teach, those that can't teach administrate and those that can't do any of the above often run the damn place.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to CCNA/ CCNP

my guess is he wants the certs to increase chances of getting any given job he goes after...
yes, get any certs you can. those cisco ones just dandy. particularly if you plan to go into security
don't worry so much.

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by Wayne M. In reply to CCNA/ CCNP

Cisco certification does not prevent you from doing anything, but it does help you get Cisco related work.

Do whatever it takes to make your current work situation stable. You can always get additional training and certifications in the future, provided you have a future! You also have the opportunity to be as social as you desire. Yes, router work is often done in server rooms or by remoting into server rooms, but it is rarely an 8 hour a day, 5 day a week task. There will still be time for social interaction and bull sessions.

The certification is merely one opportunity; it is not a restriction.

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