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    CCNA recertification


    by somchai ·

    My CCNA status is to expire soon. I plan to get the CCNP certification. However, my CCNA status may be expired before I finish the whole CCNP track.

    Can I recertify the CCNA status by passing a single exam in CCNP track?


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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to CCNA recertification

      According to Cisco, taking and passing any new exam at the Professional level, will recertify you at the Associate level.

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      by rezo247 ·

      In reply to CCNA recertification

      CCNA status is independant of the CCNP status. You can still get your CCNP and not have a CCNA and vice versa.

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        I don’t think so…

        by ghstinshll ·

        In reply to Nope

        Any upgraded exam will refresh your CCNA. Go to to read about it. You should know this if you’re a CCNA.

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        not quite

        by slickjdp2nd ·

        In reply to Nope

        The CCNP certification requires a valid CCNA certification. I doubt a lapsed CCNA certification is considered valid, but don’t quote me on it.

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        by seanc ·

        In reply to Nope

        I think you’ll find that you need to have current CCNA Status to earn the CCNP.


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