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CCNA test that i remember it

I go through the ccna test but i fail , and some questions from the test i dont know it . can u please answer ir .

wat is the name of the cable that connect the console port in router to the serial port in pc ?

- with full duplex u can connect : host/host , sitch/switch , hub/hub , hub/switch , sewich/host , swich/router , router/hub and so on ......

- wen u connect hub to switch wat is the method that the connection will be ( straight , cross )?

- if u have a ip network number( not subnet number ) how u will know the host ip number ?


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by rebelord In reply to CCNA test that i remember ...

hi, answer to your questions as follows:

1. roll-over cable
2. can't understand the question but host-host is full duplex.
3. since switch and hub are both dce, cross-cable
4. remember class a = 1-126 (n.h.h.h); class b = 128-1** (n.n.h.h) andclass c = 192-223 (n.n.n.h)
the host part is dependent on the the given ip address.


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Another one bites the dust...

by ghstinshll In reply to RE: CCNA TEST

You should have enough underlying experience to know most of this before even trying to take the exam, and shuld you take the exam and pass, you shouldn't get a job doing this kind of work sinceyou have no experience. It sounds like this is your first cert test...

Study harder and re-read the books (that you should have read once so far) that got you to where you are. the material is in there. Master it, don't just pass the test, and maybe you'll earn a spot in a good position with the rightresume, cover letter, and interview skills.

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