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    CCNA vs Network+


    by robotech ·

    Which certification is more prestigious? Is it CCNA or Network+.
    If you were to hire me as a consultant, employee etc. Would you feel better if I had CCNA or Network+?

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      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to CCNA vs Network+

      I would look at your experience first. While the CCNA is probably a little more prestigious (please remember it is still a very common cert even though it is vendor specific). I would not think twice of hiring an individual with the cert unless they had some level of understanding of the concepts, and some hands on experience with Cisco equipment. This could be corporate or test/ lab environment. If you do not specifically want to work on Cisco equipment, I doubt it is going to help you gain any ground.
      The Network+ is a slightly lower level cert than the CCNA but is not vendor specific. Therefore, with that cert and some hands on experience with an NOS and LAN you may have some hope of procuring employment in Server Support on LAN support. I would however focus on gaining hands on experience as well as any cert though.

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        I already have tons of experience…

        by robotech ·

        In reply to Personally….

        And mostly with Cisco and Linksys routers.

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          Owner of both certs

          by dude846 ·

          In reply to I already have tons of experience…

          I have both certs (and A+, and im going after Security+ & Linux+) – and im 18 years old, granted don’t take into account my age as I have worked as an intern for 2 summers. Anyways; the main focus of this topic is geared towards a common question: “What certification is better?”

          From experience; CCNA is harder, but they are more specific towards Cisco equipment. Network+ by CompTia is more generalized information not geared towards one vender.

          However, many people will tell you to start out with the more generalized certifications first (to prove you have the abilties, and the focus of setting up a good-working quick-network). First off, recieve your Net+ certification – from there go up the ladder to the harder stuff. This will also aid you to work with harder material.

          The IT staff, and Computer Professors really urge their students to have Certifications, and to get as many as they can.

          Each certification proves to the employer – even IF you have the experience- that you know the right stuff. However, dismissing years of experience – working with other networks is just as important when you recieve that job. The point is: on resume’s the certifications make the person stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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      CCNA vs. Net+

      by hotzelj ·

      In reply to CCNA vs Network+

      The Network+ exam is a joke. It shows only a minimal knowledge of the basic TCP/IP networking concepts.

      The CCNA is a requirement in most cases, and yes I am also a consultant.

      This Friday I will be taking my 4th attempt at the CCNA exam (2 times by one version, 1 time by another, and now the 640-801 exam will be my 2nd try).

      The knowledge is not basic, nor is it “vendor neutral.”

      CompTIA’s “Vendor Neutral” concept is mostly a lie. The A+ exam’s questions are almost 100% Windows/Intel based. The Net+ (Network+) exam’s questions on the program output is based on Microsoft’s standard Windows network programs. So CompTIA’s wording is vary, vary poor.

      Yes, I hold BOTH CompTIA certifications as well as Cisco, and Novell certifications, so I can speak with some authority on the subject.

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