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By Jellimonsta ·
If anyone else is a CCO user and noticed that they are unable to log into their CCO account, make sure you do not have any signatures or disclaimers on the 'blank' Email sent to the cco-locksmith account. Any verbiage whatsoever seems to make the password reset request fail.

Anyone who is a CCO member but does not know what I am talking about; It seems the Cisco CCO password DB was compromised so as a security precaution Cisco reset (almost) all password accounts. Sending a blank Email to will reset the password to a temp value.

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Common problems

by Jellimonsta In reply to CCO Login

Any text in the Email request may lead to a reply message like this;

This is an automated reply ONLY to have your CCO p/w changed.
DO NOT reply directly to this email!
Sorry, your attempt to change your p/w on CCO has not been successful.
Reason: There was more than one User ID in the CCO database associated
with your email address.
For further action, please email requesting a new password together with the following information...
1 Maintenance contract or Account number you used in your registration
2 User ID your believe you have that you wish to have a new p/w assigned to
3 Full name
4 Company name
Any further inquiries should be directed to

Remove all text from the Email request and you should be set.
Otherwise, you could telnet from your mail server (if you cannot remove disclaimers).

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by AmyB1975 In reply to Common problems

My first guess was that had possibly been hacked. However, if that was the case and someone had gotten hold of the user list, I would think that they would make you change your password to something complex (special characters, numbers, etc.). After I got the email, I just went out and reset my password to the same thing I had before. Oh well!

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by JDSAL In reply to Hacked?

Cisco acknowledged there was an vulnerability in their search engine that could compromise user accounts. You have to change your password in order to reactivate your account. Go to their website to find the email address you need to send an email to unlock your account.

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