CD and DVD Burning Help Please!

By einnaj ·
I am making a mothers day present for my mom, she loves elvis! so, i wanted to download some videos from you tube and put them on a Cd disk or a Dvd disk, which one is right? Common sense tells me DVD, but I have lots of CD disks and was hopeful I could use them. So, DVD or CD?
Then, I want to know what is the fastest software I can get or buy that will make my project not take soooo long? It takes forever to convert and burn sometimes for me!! Forever, really! Is there a faster way, that I dont know about or a secret, I have Roxio 2009, but haven't used it much. I am kinda new at this stuff, so is there a software that does this stuff quickly? I dont even know what extension to convert it to to be able to play on a home player, can you help me with that to?

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That would be illegal

by The Scummy One In reply to CD and DVD Burning Help P ...

time to think of another gift

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It would also induce Myopia ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That would be illegal

I'm assuming the OP thinks - by converting an FLV file to another format, then transferring that file by burning it to a VCD/DVD, that they'll end up with DVD quality imagery for dear ol' Mum to play on her plasma television.

All they'll end up with, apart from an illegal present, is an image that looks like Elvis in a post-nuclear-ash snowstorm.

Once the detail has been removed from a decent image by FLV (to reduce the file size for posting on the web) it's gone for good.

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by einnaj In reply to That would be illegal

Well, I suppose you are right, another gift will be thought of! Thanks for telling me, I really had no idea! Makes sense though! I guess I wasn't thinking.

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