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    CD and DVD drives disappear upon successful XP installation


    by horva004 ·

    I am a novice computer builder, and after much trial finally got XP installed on a new gaming system.

    I am using the 30 month old DVD and CD drives out of a Sony Vaio computer, with the expectation that they would work in a PnP way.

    At first the installation seemed successful, but upon installing the operating files off the motherboard CD, the computer stopped recognizing the existence of either optical drive. The disk installed the chipset, SATA, RAID, network and Audio drivers.

    After installing the Mobo drivers the system did freeze and I had some difficulties getting back into windows, but was able to stablize it thru Safemode.

    The device manager does not recognize the opticals. The My Computer area does not list them. The configure new hardware manager does not find them. The BIOS does list the drives as present though, and I can set the CD or DVD to Boot option 1 and the system will boot from the disk.

    Can you think of a reason why the CD and DVD drives are no longer recognized?


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