CD and DVD drives inoperable

By brifd1 ·
For ? reason, neither my CD nor DVD drive loads. I've been able to find that the drivers load (via Add Hardware), but not why the drives themselves aren't detected. I haven't been inside the computer for eons, so I wouldn't think that it would be a loose cable. Any thoughts are welcomed.

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CD/DVD fix

by p.j.hutchison In reply to CD and DVD drives inopera ...

Cables can work themselves loose over time as well as power.
Also, make sure BIOS detects the drives on bootup.
Some older CD/DVD writer software can modify the registry and end up 'hiding' the drivers.
You need to modify the registry:

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Cables can work loose

by Kiltie In reply to CD/DVD fix

I agree with P.J.

Cables can work loose in time, usually vibrations are the cause.

I currently have the same problem on my Gateway machine, I haven't opened the box, but the CD is no longer accessible.

By gateway, I don't mean the brand name, I mean where it sits in my network.
Behind the DSL modem, sits this gateway PC, in a DMZ, controlling access to the 'Net, and that's basically ALL it does (apart from maintenance utilities and emergence access programs), with firewall and anti malware protections.
Then comes the Hub, then is my home network of several PCs

Anyway, I am about to rebuild it, so if I spot anything that caused my CDROM access problem that pertains to your problem, I'll post back.

So open the box and check the leads, good idea. Check BIOS can see it, that will determine if a PC problem or Windows problem.

Tip: If you have access to another computer with a CD burner, try downloading one of the many free Live CDs to help, such as Linux, they have excellent hardware detection these days, and may identify if it is a hardware or OS issue.

Post back if you want info

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Yes, more info needed

by brifd1 In reply to Cables can work loose

I took it apart today, took out each cable and blew compressed air in there, reattached securely, put back together, and rebooted. In Windows Explorer, neither drive shows. However, in the hardware list, they show, albeit with an error message. How would I check whether the BIOS sees it...is that an F12? Where are the other hardware detection items (the URLs)???

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