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    CD Burner issues


    by mscott ·

    I have a Win 98 machine.
    I just installed a Pacific Digital CD-RW/DVD Drive.
    To finish the installation I installed the WinDVD software and Direct X software. The problem! when I re-booted the PC, it only would boot into Safe Mode UNLESS I had the WinDVD software CD in the drive. If I take out the CD and reboot, it only boots into safe mode. Please HElp

    -Mack Freddie

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      by craigmjackson ·

      In reply to CD Burner issues

      Watch the screen when your computer boots. Right after the machine beeps during bootup, press F8 repeatedly to bring up the boot menu. This will allow you to select “Normal” in which case the WinDVD setup program may allow itself to be cleaned out.

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      by abulsara ·

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      Boot up in Safe mode and roll back or uninstall the drivers for the new burner. Also, you may have to go to Add/Remove Programs and remove the WinDVD software. This should allow you to boot into Normal mode. Once that is done, check to see if the burner and the WinDVD software is compatible with Windows 98. If its, try to install that again, making sure the correct drivers are being installed during installation.

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      by peter ·

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      this sounds like the driver which is needed at start-up is on the CD instead on your HD.
      Something must have gone wrong when you installed the driver for your CD-Burner.
      Check in the setup if the driver has actually been installed and re-install it if it has.


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