CD Burning Issue

By darren ·
Hi Folks.

Two Machines exactly the same problem.

One Sony Viao Laptop. One HP DX2420 Desktop PC Brand New.

When we burn a CD-R x52 Disc with some photos using Windows XP's built in software we cannot view the disc unless the computer is restarted. When you view the disc after the burn you only see the amount of free space but nothing showing for used space and it shows no files. You can take the disc out and put it in the other machine and it reads fine. If you restart the computer it reads fine also.

This has happened in the last few days. Both were fine before.

Any Ideas...

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by SystemCheck In reply to CD Burning Issue

me no expert but sounds like the burner is fine but something with the reader is going corrupted or is try uninstalling then reinstalling that drive from scratch that might help, otherwise you can get burners these days quite cheap now.

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Forgot to mention....

by darren In reply to sounds

Forgot to mention on the desktop machine I contacted HP and they replaced the drive suspecting the drive. This didn't work and we still have the same fault.

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Are you using Multi-Session burns ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Forgot to mention....

If so, you are heading into a world of hurt.

The entire concept of multiple sessions on a single optical disc is flawed in the extreme. I have NEVER known a multi-session to ever work to any satisfactory end.

If you ever want to burn to an optical disc (CD or DVD) then FILL the entire disc in one session, or burn as much as you have available then finalise the disc so that you cannot use it anymore.

The idea of burning some data then burning some more data at a later date will only end in the first data-burn being lost or destroyed by the second burn.

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Not multi session burns

by darren In reply to Are you using Multi-Sessi ...

Hi there

These are not multi session burns, just one of discs that are finalized at the end of the session.

Hope that helps.

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It was just that you had originally said ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not multi session burns

"When you view the disc after the burn you only see the amount of free space but nothing showing for used space" I assumed that you were looking for UNUSED space.

If that is the case then there is a problem with your READ capability. Whichever utility you are running, I would suggest that you uninstall it and try again.

Install the burner from scratch or better still, try a different optical burning program.

I've never used "Windows XP's built in software" in fact I never knew it existed. I've always relied on a tried and tested product like NERO.

I don't have much faith in all-things-M$

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After a finalized burn

by seanferd In reply to It was just that you had ...

there should be no free space whatsoever. Before the burn, it should be all free space. (Assuming no multi-session.)

Where in Windows is this CD or Photo burning software? Movie maker? The only thing I really know of is the CD burning capabilities for music of WMP.

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better app

by balge In reply to Not multi session burns

I never use the 'built in' CD burning in XP, its junk. Try Imgburn -

fantastic piece of software, and it does images too. I uninstalled NERO straight after using it the first time.

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XP built-in writer can finalize a disk?

by 1bn0 In reply to Not multi session burns

Are you sure? Most software asks if you want to finalize. I have never had XP's builtin writer ask.

I never use it unless nothing else is avialable.

For Full featured Windows base application try:

I do use imageburn as well for quick iso to disk burns, but sometime you need other options

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