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    CD Burning Problems


    by yolanda.peterson ·

    When burning a cd gets this error message:
    Power on reset or bus device reset occurred

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      Need more info

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to CD Burning Problems

      Loss of streaming = to slow stream of data, burnproof did not work or was not enabled.
      What O/S are you using , what burning program, what is the set up of your computer? What is in your computer, 3 Ghz cpu, 512 ram ect.

      Is DMA enabled for the drive?
      Have you tried other media?
      That kind of error is found on Scsi drives but I do not think you have one of those. Did this just start happining or have been able to burn CD’s before?
      Is the CD rom connected to the hard drive, is the cable from the mainboard to the CDrom connected to the hard drive. If it is it could cause problems burning CD’s.

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