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CD Burning with Windows 2000 Pro

By AndeAnderson ·
I really don't get it with the Win 2k Pro OS.

With Win XP Pro I can drag-n-drop files to my CD Burner and then when I have all of the files selected write the files to the CD.

I can't find any such function in my Win 2k Pro. And, when I use the Nero5 software which came with my burner I have to select "Audio, Backup, Data etc.." before I can do anything.

If I select Data I am unable to browse my network to select files. If I select Backup I end up with Nero burying the data 5 Folders deep on the CD. Why all of the extra folders?

I find Nero to be a complete waste of programming and a complete pain to use.

Isn't there a straight forward solution for Win 2k Pro CD burning, like the native application in XP Pro?

Thanks for any assistance.

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by gralfus In reply to CD Burning with Windows 2 ...

There is no such function in W2K. It was new to XP. You will have to use Nero, Roxio, or some other product in W2K.
Nero has a lot of features and works well, if you take the time to learn how it works. If you only use the wizards in Nero, then some of the functionality is hampered. It does allow you to browse available drives for files when creating CDs. It would take quite a bit of writing to describe the whole process, though.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

I was afraid of that.

Nero will only browse Mapped Drives in the Data Mode. I have to use the Backup mode to access unMapped Drives.

But, surely there is a more user friendly application. Maybe I can adapt the XP Pro App to Win 2K?


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by TheChas In reply to CD Burning with Windows 2 ...

The CD burning utility in Windows XP is a stripped down version of Roxio Easy CD Creator.

Trying to identify all the files you would need to copy, along with the registry keys would be a major project.

If the CD utility in XP does what you need, then Easy CD Creator 5 or later "should" do what you need on your W2K system.

There are also a number of free-ware applications that might be worth a try.
Browse through the CD sections of and

I think part of your problem is the assumptions the software designers made.

For drop and drag burning, the assumption is that you will be using a CD-RW disk.

For a CD-R, it is assumed that you will be creating a "project" with a specific list of files. Further, you might want to save the template for the project to burn the same set of files again.


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by AndeAnderson In reply to

Thanks. Those two websites are pretty good.

I don't know where companies adopt their assumptions from. My family and I rarely do a "Project" CD. Most of the time we just want to make complete backups of a specific folder or files to use on another computer. We don't use CD-RWs because we never do the same thing twice and CD-Rs are cheap enough to allow us to work that way.

At work people never want the same thing. So I found the drag-n-drop feature for CD-Rs to be perfect for 98% of my work.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to CD Burning with Windows 2 ...


Check your Nero CD for a program called InCD, which is Nero's drag and drop CD burning software.
InCD only works with CD-RWs, though.
When a new CD -RW blank is inserted into the drive InCD needs to format it before you can use it, this may take a considerable time. Also make sure that you use blank media that has the same speed rating as the drive. I have found that ultra speed drives (16 X plus) have great difficulty writing to "slower" media ie 1 to 4 X.

The Roxio (formerly Advantec) burning software has DirectCD as its drag and drop program. Similar comments as on InCD, except that DirectCD will drag and drop to CD-R s. You can also make the CD compatible with older CD ROMS.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

Thanks. I don't use CD-RWs. Most of what I do is one-time selective copies of specific documents and drawings for different individuals and customers.

The InCD wouldn't even recognize the CD-R disk.

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by willcomp In reply to CD Burning with Windows 2 ...

Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 Basic has a drag and drop feature that places a rather large icon on the desktop. In testing on new PCs it has worked well.

You should be able to find the OEM version available from many vendors for less than $10.00. It also comes with a number of CD-RW drives.

Hope this helps


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by AndeAnderson In reply to

Thanks. I'll see if I can locate a copy.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to CD Burning with Windows 2 ...

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