CD causes Desktop to reboot

By nhiep_nguyen ·
I am using a desktop with two CD/DVD burners.
The OS is XP SP2, 1 Gig of RAM and plenty of HD room.
Most of the time when a Music CD, not a Data CD, is inserted in either drive the computer reboots. Sometime it doesn't reboot until I click on a track to play it, then it reboots.
If the CD is left in while the computer reboots, it might be played when the computer is up.
Lately even the connection of my ipod causes the computer to reboot.
Otherwise my computer is working normally.
I use ZoneAlarm Pro for firewall and virus and spam scan.
Thanks for your suggestion as the probable causes of this phenomenon.

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one possibility

by shiny_topadm In reply to CD causes Desktop to rebo ...

is that this could be a power supply going 'flakey' or near the limit of current that it can supply. You should check the "event viewer" (under administrative tools) for system errors at the time(s) of the failures. If there are no events that seem to relate, it's more likely a power supply problem. Since (as you described) your troubles seem related to audio, can you try the same with the soundcard (or functions) disabled? good luck...

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Power supply

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to one possibility

If it is the power supply which is the culprit then so why it doesn't happen with a data CD or a DVD?
I'll try with the Creative Extigy pull out.
Thanks for your input

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Also think power supply.

by ozi Eagle In reply to Power supply


I've seen this sort of thing happen before and it was the power supply.

If you can get hold of a known good psu temporarily swap it out and see if the problem goes away.

I can't explain why you only have the problem with an audio disk, unless the is a great power draw in processing the audio, ie the amplifiers use more power.


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Audio amplifier

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Also think power supply.

Hi Thank for your input.
My audio is provided by an externally powered USB connected Creative Prodigy, so I presume there is no power taken from the power supply unit.
On the other hand when my ipod caused it to reboot it is connected to an USB port, so it goes your way.
May be I have too many USB connected so that the power supply unit might be strained.
The problem is that it doesn't happen systematically so it is a little difficult to experiment.
In light of your suggestion, I'll try with a minimum, then a maximum of USB devices connected to assess the hypothesis.
Thank you.

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safe mode?

by sgt_shultz In reply to CD causes Desktop to rebo ...

does it do it in safe mode?
anything in the event log?
xp reboots on system error by default. if you turn it off, you might stop at a blue screen with an error message. if you post the error message we can help better.
Look in System Properties/Startup and Recovery for the place to turn off rebooting on system error.
my guess is you need to update your drivers and/or burning software

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Update drivers and/or burning software

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to safe mode?

One of my DVD burner is a brand new Plextor PX-760A the other is a Sony 800A and the burning software is Nero 7 Premium.
Again there is nothing to do with burning since it is the insertion and/or reading a music CD that do it.
Inserting a DVD or a data CD do no such thing.
I'll try your suggestion about turning off rebooting on error.

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Ah-ha - PSU

by ozi Eagle In reply to Update drivers and/or bur ...


When you say that one of the DVDs is brand new, I will assume that your problem started when you installed this new drive. This would definitely indicate a PSU problem.


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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Ah-ha - PSU

Nop, it replaces an old one (Sony DRU 500A)I suspected to be the cause. But you might be right all the same by the reason I give above.

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