cd drive is missing

By hazel111 ·
hi, I placed a new DVD drive in my computer case, i already had a cd drive and I didn't remove it. the DVD drive comse with a CD to install it but somehow the CD drive desappeared in the My Computer folder and I can't play any CDs
please tell me what should i do to use the CD drive again & to install the new DVD drive??

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by OTL In reply to cd drive is missing

Jumper settings on both. Some drives will not work on cable select, they must be set up manually for their position on the IDE cable.
Could be the other way around, CD was set up for master and it is now the slave.

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What type of interface (connector cable)?

by 1bn0 In reply to cd drive is missing

First guess is they are both ide devices. 40/80 wire ribbon cable about two inches wide.

IDE devices have jumpers for master(M)/slave(S)/cableselect(CS).

If both devices are on the same ide cable and both devices are jumper the same, e.g. =both are master or both are slave, the BIOS can't distinguish between them and will not show either one of them to the operating system.

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CD Drive Installation

by mumojasr In reply to cd drive is missing

If you are using 2 CD/DVD drives at once, One has to be a Master Dive and the Other a Slave Drive (The pin setting on back of drives itself) Once you set the pins in the back of the CD/DVD drives you should see both of them when you go to my computer.Make sure Master drive is uses the middle connection of the IDE cable and the Slave at the other end. and you are done.

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by hazel111 In reply to CD Drive Installation

thx for the help but which drive should be the master & wich one should be the slave?
and how exactly I do it???
I got confused with the cables

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IDE cable

by OTL In reply to thx

Farthest one away from the motherboard is master, middle one is the slave.

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