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    CD Drive not installed In Bios- Windows XP


    by gratefulchaos ·

    My Computer’s Bios is not registering the CD Drive in my Windows XP system. It’s completely stocked and it says (Not Installed) In the bios. How do I go about installing it in the Bios. I can’t seem to find the drivers for it.

    The machine is a Dell Optiplex GX270

    Please try to get back to me ASAP

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      by gratefulchaos ·

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      Is it plugged in?

      by seanferd ·

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      Are both the data and power cables connected properly to the drive? Have you looked in BIOS setup and the manual for any setting that might lock out the optical drive? (Check the security as well as drive settings).

      Was it working before? If so, what happened prior to the drive not working?

      Is the drive IDE or SATA? Is the appropriate type enabled in BIOS?

      Dell page for manuals and downloads:

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      Some things to check

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to CD Drive not installed In Bios- Windows XP

      The Data lead need to be plugged in at both ends so check this at the M’Board and at the Drive itself. Sometimes the IDE Plugs are slightly too large for the sockets and the Plugs can slightly work their way out so you need to be firm but not rough in pushing these in.

      I’ve recently seen a couple of SATA Cables do the same thing so change these with the metal Locking Tab on them and see if that improves things at all if it is a SATA Drive.

      Sometimes the Power Plug on the Drive can work it’s way out slightly so you need to check this is correctly plugged in. But to test if it is a Power Problem press the Open Button on the drive if the drive opens and closes the power lead is OK.

      If the drive will not open and close check the Power Plug for the connectors in it being loose. If they are you can tighten them down by compressing them slightly with a small metal screwdriver but you first need to turn off and [b]Unplug[/b] the computer or you run the risk of destroying the Power Supply.

      I’ve seen a couple of IDE Leads fail recently as well so if this is a IDE Drive replace the lead if it is correctly inserted into the socket but pay particular attention to it’s polarity and make sure that the Red Edge Strip is on Pin 1 of the M’Board and Drive.

      If none of that works and this is a IDE Drive replace the Drive as it has gone faulty.

      If this is a SATA Drive this may be correct as some M’Boards do not support SATA Drives natively and require the M’Boards SATA Drivers to be loaded before it can see these drives.


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