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    CD drive problem


    by esangel1 ·

    my PC detects CD drive at start up, but it couldn’t read a disk.

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      CD drive problem

      by thechas ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Some details of your PC would help.

      Including which version of Windows, and installed updates.

      The first step, is to download and install the drivers for the IDE controller on the motherboard.

      For a name brand system, get them from the manufacture.

      Otherwise, use the tools at
      or to determine who made the motherboard.

      You can also use system information utilities such as Belarc Adviser to list the details of your installed hardware and software.


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      CD drive problem

      by seriv ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Check the device manager, if there is an error there, check the resources, then try reinstalling the driver.
      If there is no error, run some diagnostic software. if an error is detected, try reseating the IDE cable, and check the power, if still no response, you may have to replace the cd-rom, but from what it sounds like, I think it is a software problem

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      CD drive problem

      by jennifer.gardner ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      You should first try the same CD in another drive. If it can be read, then the problem is likely not with the CD. You should then try a known-working CD in your CD-ROM drive. If it can be read, then the drive is probably okay, and the problem is likely with the CD. If the CD that you’re having problems with is either CD-R or CD-RW, there are other considerations. The CD may not be “finalized”, or you drive may not be new enough to read the data.

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      CD drive problem

      by byte1 ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Boot your PC from a DOS floppy that loads CD-ROM drivers. If you can read the CD from DOS then the problem is with the OS. If you can’t read the CD in DOS then you need to replace the drive.

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      CD drive problem

      by ccalloway ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Not enough information but if it is a particular CD make sure it is clean and not cracked.

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      CD drive problem

      by ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Any win os below win98 would need atapi dos drivers for your cd rom. It is not enough to have it detected by bios at bootup.

      Email me if you need atapi drivers.

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      CD drive problem

      by loki777 ·

      In reply to CD drive problem

      Try using a cdrom lens cleaner, available at any computer vendor.

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