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    CD drive problems


    by highnezz ·


    I use LG cd writer and LG cd rom drives on the same PC. Since the cd-rom drive is not working anymore, i decided to unplug it from the system. However, after unplugging it, the system only shows 128mb RAM while I use 256mb (2 x 128mb). Is there a way to fix this?

    Also, when I use the CD writer to read CD-roms while listening to music, the sound is affected. Seems there is a conflict somewhere, but i don’t exacly know what….

    Any solutions????

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      Reply To: CD drive problems

      by blackcurrant ·

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      Try checking all the cables and especially the memory in the computer are properly inserted in the sockets.

      Also, how is your sound affected? Open Device Manager and check the entries for your drive. Have you removed the now redundant entry from Device Manager? Make sure the hardware and sound drivers are up to date and look into the possibility of updating your firmware also.

      Good luck

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      Reply To: CD drive problems

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to CD drive problems

      1) the ram has nothing to do with unpluggine the cd rom. you may have unplugged it or bumped it while inside the box? or just bad fortune and it failed coincidentally
      2)when you unplugged the cdrom, did you change the jumpering on the other device(s) on the ide channel so they were correctly configured as ‘sole drive’ or ‘master’
      3)sounds like the sound is affected because the cdrw and the reader are on the same ide channel, betcha. for best performance, follow the manufactuers recommendation for how to place the drive on the channel. you may wish to move your cdrw to ‘master’ position on secondary ide channel and place your cd r as ‘slave’ on primary ide channel (your hd is probably now the ‘master’ or ‘sole drive’ on that channel)

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