CD drive wont work

By anthonyedgar ·
Hi i have a hp presario laptop C300 up till now everything has worked perfectly but couble of weeks ago the CD DVD compo wwould not read CD but would read DVD i have checked that the drivers are up to date but still the CD DVD compo drive will not recognize TH CD anyone able to help as i need to resolve this broblem thanks in advance

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if you smoke

by SystemCheck In reply to CD drive wont work

try taking it out and clean the lens with lens cleaner, otherwise, its dead

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DVD Drives have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD drive wont work

2 Different Color LED's in them to generate the Laser Beams. One is used to generate DVD Laser Beams to read DVD's and the other generates a Laser Beam to read/burn CD's.

If you constantly leave Disc's in the drive when they are not being used that LED will loose intensity much faster than it otherwise would. It starts out by not being to burn Disc's of that type and eventually is unable to read them.

When this happens you need to replace the Drive with a new one and as Combo Slim Line Optical Drives are not freely available from th Retailers I would recommend a DVD Burner which will give you a better more flexible NB to continue using.


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by anthonyedgar In reply to DVD Drives have

thanks for the info mate will not be leavind cd in the drive anymore but at least i have lernt somethink thanks again.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to C\D

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