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    CD drives not recognized


    by spm9928 ·

    I am rebuilidng a an old dell dimension xps t550 with an award bios. I tried to install 3 different cd writers and the system doesn’t recognize then during boot up/post. I have switched the IDE cables and tried swapping them between the IDE controller on the mb, but they are still not being recognized. I even powered down the board by removing the system battery for 24 hrs and to refresh the bios and still no luck. Please advise. The hard drive works fine in both ide controllers.

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      by rwesthdst ·

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      Im sure you have been into Bios, and made sure the Ide controllers are set to “Auto” or at least are turned-ON, Check to the jumpers on the rom device. Made sure the “red” stripe is next to the power input plug, and made sure the Ide cable is properly inserted (pin1 to red strip)on the board. Verify the power supply is putting out enough voltage to power the board / Hdd / and CD.

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      by robo_dev ·

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      in many dell pc’s you have default the bios (ALT-F, in the bios screen) to get them to recognize drives. After you do the ALT-F, it should immediately do an IDE auto-detect and fix itself.

      It doesnt hurt also to do an ALT-E to clear NVRAM and esc-d data at the same time.

      Press the keyboard , , and keys so that the status lights are all lit. Then press the + keys to clear the Extended System Configuration Data (also referred to as ESCD, Plug-n-Play settings, or NVRAM) (does not apply to all bios versions)

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