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    CD drives won’t recognize in My Computer


    by rico_romance ·


    My computer won’t recognize the CD drives. They won’t show up in My Computer, but they do show up in Device Manager with yellow triangles and ‘!’. I’ve tried:
    right-click>update driver;
    right-click>uninstall, shut down, disconnect IDE cable, start, shutdown, reconnect IDE, start;
    different jumper settings;
    connecting only 1 drive to IDE cable;

    Once I had exhausted those options, tried running “SFC /SCANNOW” but it kept asking for the Dell Recovery CD#2 (can’t find disks, family lost them). Tried using files from a retail XP pro CD by copying files onto SD card, transferring to problematic PC’s HDD, and directing registry keys to search in the new folder where the CD files/folders are located. The registry key I changed were:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SourcePath
    I changed these 3 registry values to point to where the CD files were located. Yes, I know the path needs to point to the folder prior to the actual i386 folder (i.e., if C:\xp_cd\i386, then the value should be C:\xp_cd)

    Still got error messages requesting Recovery CD#2. I then changed the registry values back to their default.

    The differences I’ve noted is that when I use the i386 folder already on the computer, I get the error msg 5 times near the end of SFC. If I try using the files from the XP pro CD, I get more error messages and their instances are spread throughout the progress.

    A little history: the computer was seriously infected. I used AVG, Ad-Aware, and SmitFraudFix to clean it up. Even had to uninstall the IE windows updates to get back some missing tabs in “Internet Options” and so that IE would work again because it wouldn’t navigate to any pages although I was still able to get AVG and Ad-Aware updates.

    So, any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    XP Pro Media Center
    p4, 2.8ghz, 512mb RAM
    DVD-ROM Sony DDU1615-DS
    CD-RW Samsung TS-H292B

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