CD/DVD Burn Drive Keeps Dis-appearing....Why???

By rajsdoshi ·
I have a XP PC with 2 cd/dvd ROMS "F" and "G".

The F is Read-Write (RW).

I want to copy hundreds of Photos in different Folders on my Hard Drive "D" into F.

I try to Drag the Photos or the Folders into F but XP gives wired errors, like:
- F not Accessible
- Incorrect Function
- and many times, F just disappers!!

I have Roxio MyDvD Pls.

F is "DLA Enabled."

I tried to "Disable DLA" and booted.

I still get the same problem. I toggle "Enable" and "Disable" and booted several times, but I get the same problems.


(Finally, I am able to us Roxio MyDVDPlus to Burn Videos from one DVD to another just fine. No problem here. Its just the Files and Folders that I am having a problem with.)

Is there a trick or setting that I need to do here?

Again, THANK YOU in advance for your insights.

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You can't do that

by seanferd In reply to CD/DVD Burn Drive Keeps D ...

as far as I know, there is no dag and drop to burn. You can drag the files into a Roxio window to select them, then start the burn process.

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Additional Info from Registry:....

by rajsdoshi In reply to CD/DVD Burn Drive Keeps D ...

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\Drives

shows only one Volume {32 bit #}

instead of two Volumes.

Also, the DRIVE TYPE for that one Volume shows the number "3." I though it should be Either "1" or "2" for cd/dvd-R or cd/dvd-RW respectively.

Whats "3?"

Any clues??

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Not a good idea to have 2 burn-capable optical drives ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Additional Info from Regi ...

FAR better to have one Read Only drive plus one Read/Write drive.

Actually there is no significant benefit having two optical drives at all, since even when you think you're copying direct from one to the other, the data STILL has to be compiled in a temporary image file on the hard drive.

As to your posted problem - you cannot drag files in order to directly burn them to optical disc - THAT'S NOT THE WAY IT WORKS.

If you insist on using the Drag&Drop method, you should be placing the selected files in a Roxio window, until you have amassed sufficient files (measured by total file size) to fill whichever optical disc you are intending to burn.

Optical discs do not behave in the same way to Floppy or Hard disks (where you COULD just drag&drop individual files.)

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If the other drive does not write

by seanferd In reply to Additional Info from Regi ...

it will not show up in that registry key.

That key has little to do with the drive hardware as well. The info that is displayed in Device Manager is in the HKLM hive.

Type 3 is valid, and is sometimes suggested as a fix for writeable drives not being properly recognized by Cd burning software or Explorer. Type 2 would also be valid for your drive, but it is probably set to 3 (like a hard drive or flash drive) for a reason.

You can try changing it to 2, but if you lose burning-related commands from the context menus, set it back to 3. This will not affect the ability to drag items straight to the optical drive, which cannot be done.

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To do this with Roxio

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD/DVD Burn Drive Keeps D ...

You need to format the Blank Optical Disc in the burner. Easy CD Creator used to have a Utility that allowed you to do this and I believe that Roxio has continued this though it's been quite some time since I've used that particular product.

Under Nero that is called Format/Prepare RW Disc not sure what Roxio call it though but it is what you need to do to Drag & Drop to Blank Optical Drives. You also need to use Rewritable Disc's to get the full benefit out of this utility and much more importantly the Blank Optical Media looses clarity over time if correctly stored and much sooner if incorrectly stored. I've seen Recorded Media destroyed in under a day with incorrect storage.

At best Optical media should be considered as Semipermanent Storage that needs reburning regularly if you wish to retain the images.

If the version of Roxio doesn't support this option you need to use Roxio to chose what files to burn to the Blank Disc but dragging & Dropping to a unprepared Blank Disc just doesn't work. Never has and under the current situation it never will. The same also applies to unprepared HDD if you don't format them first you can not use them.


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Got it...

by rajsdoshi In reply to CD/DVD Burn Drive Keeps D ...

OK, Thank you for Replying!!

I did accomplish what I wanted by using the "Data Copy" funtion of MyDVDPlus (made by Roxio.

I didn't know I was so out-of-the-loop in the sense that I just didn't know that one cannot drag-drop into an optical drive. (So maybe XP was trying to tell me that I am doing something majorly wrong by making the cd/dvd-RW drive disappear.) I am embarrassed now.

Thank you All again!

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Your Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Got it...

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