CD / DVD burner recognizes some disks not others???

By jgarrad ·
Help - my internal cd / dvd drive / burner seems have become selective as to whether or not it will recognize a disk.

When it doesn't recognize, I can't see the disk on Windows media player, or in My computer - its as though the disk isn't inserted (but it is)

Have been ripping some mucic cds, most it recognizes ok, some require me to re-insert a few times, others, it will not recognize at all.

Tried installing a game for my kid (Dawn of War Gold). It recognized the disk, went through the install, but had an error. Next day (after restarting), I tried to reinstall, but the system wouldn't even recognize the disk!

Wonder if I am missing a driver somewhere, or if I just need to break down and buy a new CD/DVD burner

Any help would be most appreciated


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Sounds like you need a new one....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to CD / DVD burner recognize ...

If it was a driver error, it would happen all the time.

Since it's random, it sure sounds as if the drive is failing. Get a new one.

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Or you could try a lens cleaner if you like

by seanferd In reply to Sounds like you need a ne ...

but you may need a new drive anyway. They are fairly cheap.

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A couple of suggestions here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD / DVD burner recognize ...

Optical Disc's rely on light so their Data Surfaces must be clean for them to work.

Have you checked the Data Face of these Disc's and cleaned them if necessary?

The Light used to read or Burn these Disc's is generated by a LED Light Emitting Diode and if you leave Disc's in the drive this is in use all of the time so they fail faster. As this is a DVD Drive there are 2 Color wavelength Light generated so it is possible that one has dropped below it's threshold intensity level and is no longer reading the disc's.

If you need specific dis/s in the drive frequently install a Virtual Drive Application and save the Disc to the HDD you will be rewarded with a faster computer when you need these disc's for a program.

Recorded Disc's may not be readable on some Readers as Dye Lots change and it is possible that the Color of the Light used to read the Disc's is incompatible with the Dye on the Disc so not enough light is being reflected. However if it is failing to read Disc's that where burnt in this drive you need to look at the Data Surface and make sure that it is clean and Undamaged. Recorder Media has a Life Expediency of about 5 Years if stored under Ideal conditions this life is a lot shorter if the Disc is allowed to have direct Sunlight on it.

With Games that run from a Disc you should have a Virtual Drive Installed and be running the Disc from the Virtual Drive. It's not uncommon to find that a Disc that is producing Errors will copy correctly to the HDD and run perfectly in a Virtual Drive.


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