CD/DVD Burner will burn CD's but not DVD's, Help?

By utdetorres ·
I can write/burn to a CD but not a DVD. I get the following error..."Failed to burn this disc (Extended error: 0x80041024)." I have an HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC with a DVDRAM GT20L DVD/CD-ROM drive. I am running Window 7 Home/64. I have uninstalled the DVD/CD device and reinstalled it with the latest drivers. I am using new Memorex DVD+R media. I also tried Staples DVD+R media.. Still...No Luck! I've tried a lower burn speed and have all the latest firmware and driver updates. I would appreciate any ideas or assistance. Thanks...

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Well a couple of things you can try

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD/DVD Burner will burn C ...

Start with the directions here it may be of some help


Also the Blanks that you are using are you sure that they have been correctly stored?

While not those brands a few years ago I ran into a similar problem and put it down to a Computer Error when it was actually Bad Media. I had 1 Successful Burn out of 200 Blanks in one brand and probably 3 or 4 out of another 50 Blanks from a different source.

In both cases the Blanks had the same Dye Lot on the Recording Face and that had been a faulty batch. I also noticed that you have used 2 different sources for blanks but have stuxck to +R Discs have you tried a -R Disc to see if that makes any difference?

Also have you stuck a DVD into the drive and see if the computer actually reads it? DVD Drives use 2 different Colour Lasers one to read/burn DVD's and one to read/burn CD's if one type of disc is left in the drive on a regular basis the LED that provides the Light Source for that Disc Type will loose intensity and then the drive will need replacing.

If the LED is marginal it's possible that the drive can read a Recorded/Manufactured DVD but it will be unable to burn one. This comes about because whenever the computer is turned on with a disc in the drive the drive is running and the LED that provides Light for that Disc Type is light. The longer it's left running the sooner it looses Intensity and it will eventually fall below the Threshold of being usable in that drive. When that happens your only alternative is to replace the Optical Drive.

Also while not as common nowadays it's still possible that the Dye Lot used on the Blanks isn't compatible with the actual Optical Drive. Happened quite a lot with CD's in the early days but I've seen a couple examples where DVD's have issues. If that's the case you'll need to source Blanks with a different Colour Recording Face. The Blue ones tend to work OK but some of the more Silvery Colour can be marginal.

I hope that is of some help to you.


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Reponse To Answer

by JustPlainJim In reply to Well a couple of things y ...

Please -
It's lose and loses, not loose and looses.
Thank You.

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