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I would like some advice from the computer experts on this forum on a problem that I have with my computer which is baffling me. I hope and have my fingers crossed that someone is able to help and am sure I will get this resolved. Please accept my apologies for the length of this post but I want to explain everything in order to help you guys help me resolve the query.

A few months ago, I was having issues with the blue screen of death (BSOD). Every time, I was on my computer it would BSOD within a minute or so with the problem being either a boot volume issue or a Kernel stack in-page error?????.

I went on the internet to see what I could do to resolve the query. I did the various chkdsk commands on Command Prompt which didn't help. I then did the 'Fix Boot' command on Command Prompt. This seemed to help as my computer started to work properly again i.e. there are not so many BSOD coming up. I will get a BSOD once every few weeks.

However, I did notice a few things which I need your help on. My CD drive and DVD drive do not appear to be functioning correctly. When I insert a CD into the CD drive or a DVD into the DVD drive, you can hear the disk turning and the green light come on the drive but then it goes quiet. No autorun appears on the screen and when I go to my computer and double-click the CD drive or DVD drive nothing appears.

When I put some music CDs into the CD drive, I can play the music if I go to media player and click on the play/cd-dvd option. I also know that the computer is recognising that there is a CD/DVD in the drive because I can see what size the data is on the CD/DVD when I do another command within command prompt (the one that shows what you have on the drive).

Along with the above problems, I am also having issues with USB data sticks. These problems did not occur before the above happened. Every time I put a USB stick into my computer, it says that this needs formatting. The USB stick works fine on other computer and thus it does not require formatting at all.

The confusing thing is that I also have an external hard drive operated by USB. When I put this in my computer, it works OK i.e. the autorun comes on and allows me to save files to the external drive and also play them (it is mapped to the H Drive).

One added factor which might be an issue is that I had a previous problem with my computer a number of years back which required Windows XP to be installed again. I think the person I took it to may not have installed a genuine original version as I am not beginning to get messages suggesting that it is not. Could this be the issue?

I would appreciate your assistance on this.

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