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    CD/DVD ripping


    by neilinoz ·

    I am running XP and whilst ripping music from a DVD or Cd, the process is very slow, this has been working fine untill now.

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to CD/DVD ripping

      Ripping Video is always slow as it takes up a lot of Clock Cycles to perform but if this is just straight Music it shouldn’t take overly long to perform provided that you have enough spare room on the HDD and the Page File isn’t nearly fully used.

      The DVD bit got me as other than computers there is very little that can read MP3 from DVD and certainly none of the Portable stuff or Car Players so I don’t quite understand why you have DVDs of music. But for example a Dual 1 GIG P3 with 4 GIG of RAM takes about 1 hour to rip a DVD Video to a single layer stage and remove the copy protection and about 3 to 6 minutes to burn the DVD depending on the speed of the DVDs being used. The same DVD on a Dual Core Pentium with 2 GIG of RAM on a 955 Chip Set M’Board with a 256 MEG video Card will take about 28 minutes to rip the entire DVD. Burning speeds vary depending on the writer and speed of the Blank Disks but 16X DVD should only take a couple of minutes no more than 5 at the upper end.


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