CD/DVD rom cannot read the CD-RW in the drive

By chuikingman ·
I use the desktop with LITE-ON-DVDRW SOHW-1673S.
I use the NERO 8 to burn CD with dics Cd-RW .
But when the sw require me to insert the CD , I insert the CD into the CD-ROM and close .But the sw have no response and still insist to insert the CD.
Why does the CD-ROM cannot recongise the CD-RW ????
any suggestion to fix ?? I have clean it before .....
The CD-rom can read the fake movie DVD/CD .

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OK I'm not really sure what you are asking here but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD/DVD rom cannot read th ...

Here goes. If the OS is unable to read the Blank Disc in the Drive there are several options,

A The Disc is not compatible with the Drive so you need a different type of Disc/Blank.

B The RW Blank that you are using has been used too many times and is now in need of replacement.

or the most likely if I am reading your question as you intended that the Drive can read DVD's but not CD's

C You have left CD's in the drive for extended periods of time when they where not required and the LED that Generates the Laser Beams has lost intensity to the stage that it is no longer workable. LED's have a limited Life and the more that they are used the shorter they last. So you should only insert a Disc when it is required and if you need to have a Disc in the drive for long periods of Time you should download a Virtual Drive and copy the CD to the HDD.

This will save the Optical Drive and increase the performance of whatever requires the CD in the drive by up to 100 Times. It is much faster to read Data from a HDD than from a CD.

The reason why the DVD's work is because there are two different Color LED's in the Drive one is used for reading/writing DVD's and the other for reading/writing CD's. When one falls below the threshold to read a Disc the drive needs to be replaced. Generally when the LED looses Intensity the Drive will stop burning Blanks before it stops being able to read burnt Disc's or Manufactured CD's. This is because it required more Light Energy to Burn a Disc than to read it. So the LED has to be brighter to Burn the Blank and when it can no longer get bright enough to burn Blanks it stops working correctly.


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