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CD/DVD ROM will not install

By rreed65 ·
Toshiba laptop internal cd/dvd rom will not install. OS=XP. It worked at one point with same system and then stopped. External CD drives will not install (usb or pcmcia)System restore will not go back to when it worked. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the driver several times but device manager still shows driver conflict. XP support says no additional drivers are necessary. Stumped.

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by Oz_Media In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

Try removing ALL drives and rebooting, this should autodetect the HD's and clean up the device manager.
If not, as usual with XP, REFORMAT.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

of course he is referring to only the cdroms, and not the harddisk drives.
download the newest driver from Toshiba (if they have, indeed it may be included in xp)
remove them
and reboot and let windows xp detect them again.


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by lyallaust In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

Boot to safe mode and find any instances of CD drives that are listed in device manager and clear them. When you reboot to Normal you should find that they are autodetected again.

I sometimes have to also remove the hard drive and floppy drive drivers (as well as PCI Steering just for the fun of it) while in safe mode to force at least one system update so I know it is working, and there are not conflicts with existing devices.

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by scott_thomass In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

Sounds as if the problem is with your IRQ`s and not the driver(s)
XP by default automatically assigns IRQ`S to each device. Go to the Device manager locate the CD-ROM click on properties. uncross the box with "Automatic configuration" and manually change the IRQ *NOTE* first check to see which IRQ is free before you change the setting.

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by rreed65 In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

I've tried all of this except physically removing the drive (this is what was meant?). Something I didn't mention in my original question is that it's like the drive doesn't even exist through "my computer". What about the external drives not installing though? It also seems to me like this is more than a driver issue since no cd-rom will install. Still stumped.

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by rreed65 In reply to CD/DVD ROM will not insta ...

Just wanted to close this issue. I fixed my own problem by researching XP articles. Apparently with XP if you remove Easy CD Creator it changes the upper/lowerfilters values in the registry so that the drive is disabled. These values need to be deleted from the registry for XP to recognize the drive again.

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