CD/DVD/USB Stick - Problems with Accessing Data Using My Computer

By johndoh64 ·
I have recently been experiencing problems accessing data through my computer for any CD/DVDS or USB sticks that I insert into my computer.

Whenever I put a CD or DVD in the autoplay does not work. I have gone onto the properties for the CD drive through my computer and there is no option for auto play. If i go in to media player, i can access the music through there. However, if entering a software CD there is no way that I can access the data. Whenever the CD is in and playing through media player, if i double click the drive the disk is in it asks me to enter a disk into the drive.

Whenever, i have put in a USB stick, it is asking me to format the drive. The USB stick works on other computers and when attempting to format the drive anyway, it fails.

I have completed the following tasks on command prompt:

Enter diskpart in the command prompt window.

Insert a software CD (such as a game or business software) into the drive and wait until the light on the front of the drive stops blinking..

Enter list volume at the command prompt.

On doing the aboe it does show that there is data in he CD drive, so it recognies it from there.

However, whenever I do the method 1 from the following link, the reply i get is that it is an invalid drive specification.


This leads me to believe I am having drive problems.

could somebody help with this i.e. why can't i access the data through "my computer" and how can i remedy this?

thank you

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If would help if...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to CD/DVD/USB Stick - Proble ...

... you told us what Operating System and version you're dealing with.

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Further Info

by johndoh64 In reply to If would help if...

Operating System:

Microsoft? Windows? XP Home Edition

Storage Components

HLDS GDR-8161B DVD Drive
Name: GDR-8161B
Product: 16x DVD-ROM / 40x CD-ROM drive
Manufacturer: LG / HITACHI, HLDS group

However, the DVD drive is now a Phillips one. I changed it a few years ago.


Columbia II (GA-8SIML) Ver 1.0 ?ATX motherboard
Name: Columbia II (GA-8SIML) Ver 1.0
Type: ?ATX motherboard
Manufacturer: Gigabyte

hope this helps operating system wise.

Let me know if not. thanks

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