CD player

By draggon_9 ·
I have a CD player that I'm trying to connect to an amplifier. It has an AC plug and an audio jack on the back. I get no audio even switching the slave/master jumper. Does it need to be controled through the USB cable in order to work, or is there a small make it work?

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Is there a computer anywhere in this equation ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CD player

Or are you trying to connect a computer CD drive to an audio amplifier without any computer involvement?

If there is no computer you have a couple of problems:

#1 The CD drive does NOT have an AC plug on it - it is powered by DC current.

#2 The audio connection is designed to be connected DIRECTLY to a computer motherboard/soundcard and as such the impedance will be sufficiently high to render the connection unusable through any Line In connection your amplifier may have.

Perhaps if you were to name the components/connectors involved in this Heath-Robinson construction, we might be better informed to advise you.

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CD player

by draggon_9 In reply to Is there a computer anywh ...

The CD drive fits into an adapter casing which has the AC outlet and audio plug.I'm trying to connect it to a stereo amp.

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I've never heard of this sort of adapter ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CD player

Maybe another Peer will have had more experience.

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I suspect

by JamesRL In reply to I've never heard of this ...

It is an external USB drive chassis made for CD/DVD ROM players.

In the good old days they all had audio jacks. But there would have to be a connector from the CD drive to those audio jack, not just an IDE/SATA cable connection. I suspect thats the problem.


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CD drive

by draggon_9 In reply to I suspect

The 4 pin audio connector from the back of the cd drive goes to a circuit board in the back of the chassis along with a cooling fan.

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I've an old DVD ROM with a headphone socket ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I suspect

The headphone socket is below the tray on the front fascia of the drive.

It was factory fitted to this old white box so I reckon it got fitted around 2001 approximately. **** - it's even got one of those dinky little 'speed wheels' for varying the headphone volume for audio discs.

I've never bothered looking closely enough but there's a chance it's got an audio port at the rear.

The original OS was XP Home pre-SP1.

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These links might be of some help to you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CD player

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