CD recognition problem

By hankget ·
After working flawlessly for a couple of years, I suddenly find that neither of my two CD/DVD burners will work with CDs. Both drives recognize, play and burn DVDs, but will neither recognize, play or burn blank CDs. If I load either drive with a prerecorded or blank CD it just spins endlessly or shuts down after a time.

I've tried replacing the drivers, which worked for a short time, but then the problem reappears, and that fix never worked again. I've also tried uninstalling both drives and letting the restart reinstall them, and that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?


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I have run into similar problems when

by w2ktechman In reply to CD recognition problem

using the really cheapo cd's. Also check the format of the cd's (+/-R RW) and compare to your drives themselves.

It also may just be that the drives are failing. I am currently using 2 cd/dvd drives in my notebook (1 in dock), and in one, everything works fine, in the other it will not read DVD's, but has no problems reading cd's.

Another thought is to use a cd cleaner, see if that helps out.

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Cannot recognize blank CDs

by colins In reply to CD recognition problem

All of a sudden, my system will not recognize blank CDs. It plays CDs and DVDs, and recognizes blank DVDs.

Did you ever track down what your problem was? Might help.


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I am having a similar problem

by Learning4ever In reply to Cannot recognize blank CD ...

I have two Dell Laptops that will not recognize blank cd R /rw If any one can help it will be greatly appreciated. i have changed the filter keys in the registry per Dell but still fails.


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