cd-rom drive not showing in My Computer

By Marbeau41 ·
My cd-rom is not showing in My Computer under Devices with Removable Storage. I will insert a disk in the cd-rom, it will seem like it wants to play, it stops and nothing happens. What could cause this to happen. Help would be a blessing.

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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to cd-rom drive not showing ...

Check to see if it is showing in Device Manager. If it has an exclamation mark next to it contact the manufacturer of the CD Drive to obtain an updated driver for the CD drive, and then follow the manufacturer?s instructions to install the driver.
Insert a Bootable CD and see if you can startup with it. If you can't you will have to replace it.
Check to see if it is showing up in the BIOS. If it is not showing up you can remove the cover and grounding yourself by putting the back of your hand on an exposed piece of metal on the case, remembering not to move your feet, get as close as you can, you may have to bend, remove and reinsert the cable that is connected to the motherboard end and CD/DVD end.
Check the BIOS again, if it's not there it has seen better days.</br>

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In addition to the above

by OH Smeg In reply to cd-rom drive not showing ...

Try downloading the newest Chip Set Drivers for your M'Board & OS type and installing them as per the makers Directions.

Most times when a Optical Drive fails to be recognized it is because the M'Boards Chip Set Drivers have been corrupted by a Windows Patch, Hot Fix or Service Pack though with older systems or when a Optical Disc is constantly left in a Drive the drive can have died and disappeared to Silicon Heaven and then you need to replace the Drive.

It is a very rare occurrence that you need to Update the Firmware of any Optical Drive and I have only had to do this after Service Packs have been released on one occasion. That was with XP and SP1 a very long time ago. :)


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Not as rare as you may think

by Jacky Howe In reply to In addition to the above

I've just had one come in and a firmware update has fixed it.

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I haven't seen one of those for ages

by OH Smeg In reply to Not as rare as you may th ...

But then again I mainly work Business Customers so they are more interested in Reliability than cheap initial prices so that may play a part in things with me. :)


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